Get Ready for More Cisco Software and Solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace

Cisco Machine Learning Blog 12:23 am on June 3, 2024

Cisco expands presence on Google Cloud Marketplace with Cisco Secure Workload and Multicloud Defense solutions, enhancing partners' ability to procure advanced software through their commitments. This collaboration marks an evolution in meeting customer demands for cloud-first security infrastructure, promising substantial growth in sales and solidifying Cisco's position as a leading software entity.

  • Expansion into Google Cloud Marketplace: Cisco secures new partnerships with Google through the introduction of Cisco Secure Workload and Multicloud Defense solutions.
  • Partner Empowerment: The collaboration allows channel partners to more easily access and offer these cloud-native security solutions, leveraging their existing customer relationships on Google's platform.
  • Market Impact: Anticipated expansion of Cisco's software sales through the marketplace reflects growing industry trends and forecasts a significant financial impact.
  • Digital Transformation Support: The partnership between Cisco and Google Cloud Marketplace facilitates customers in scaling, managing, and growing security solutions as they undergo digital transformations.
  • Channel Participation Importance: Empowering channel partners through this expansion is crucial for business success, particularly in the cloud-first world where such marketplaces are increasingly relevant.
The appropriate category is **Large Language Models**. This categorization reflects the context in which Cisco leverages advanced technology and services (in this case, cloud-based software solutions) that could be associated with advancements and applications of large language models for enhancing customer support or automation within their industry operations.

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