Tacticai: an Ai Assistant for Football Tactics

DeepMind 3:00 am on May 23, 2024

TacticAI leverages geometric deep learning and graph neural networks to predict and analyze football tactics during corner kicks by modeling player interactions as graphs, identifying similar past strategies for tactical insights. The system aids coaches in generating effective counter-strategies using its predictions on optimal defensive positioning, demonstrated through success in accuracy of shot attempts prediction, recommended player repositioning, and high user acceptance among football experts.

  • Graph Neural Networks & Geometric Deep Learning: Utilizes graph neural networks to model players as nodes with interrelationships for analysis.
  • Tactical Predictions: Anticipates outcomes of corner kicks, enabling tactical adjustments and improved defensive positions.
  • User Acceptance & Expert Validation: Showed high adoption by football experts in Liverpool FC for practical utility and real-world application.
  • Sports AI Application: Develops a comprehensive AI system to provide strategic insights beyond player statistics, enhancing game tactics analysis.

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