Introducing Keras 3 for R

We are thrilled to introduce {keras3}, the next version of the Keras R packageWe are thrilled to introduce {keras3}, the next version of the Keras R package.
RStudio AI Blog 6:01 pm on May 21, 2024

  • Keras3 is Keras' update for R users, adding new features and compatibility with other backends. It retains familiar API while introducing utility functions like shape() for tensor shapes, improved plotting methods, a progress bar, live metrics viewer, and dark-mode support in the RStudio IDE. The package serves as a transitional guide during Keras' shift from v2 to its next version.
  • Keras3 facilitates ease of use for deep learning with new capabilities such as multi-backend support, comprehensive Ops functions, refined model serialization AP, and updated documentation workflows. It encourages a smooth transition from Keras v2 while maintaining the core essence and functionality that made Keras popular.
  • Keras3 supports users in their deep learning journey with tools for building, training, and deploying models efficiently. The community is supported throughout the migration process as new features from the broader deep learning ecosystem are integrated into Keras 3.
  • The article emphasizes Keras 3's role in R development within the broader context of deep learning advancements, urging users to participate in discussions and cite the content appropriately when shared externally.

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