Cisco Live 2024: Enhancing Network Simplicity and Efficiency While Facilitating Superior Digital Experiences

Change the economics of your network in your favor with a simplified architecture that converges services on a unified,
Cisco Machine Learning Blog 5:38 pm on June 4, 2024

Cisco CrossWork enhances capacity planning and network management with AI for real-time congestion mitigation, rapid issue identification, and service provisioning. Cisco's Mobility Services Platform streamlines connectivity and introduces dynamic policies and charging options.

  • AI-Driven Capacity Management: CrossWork Network Controller uses AI for traffic optimization and instant anomaly detection.
  • Real-Time Congestion Mitigation: Tools enable proactive scenario analysis and immediate response to congestion.
  • Automated Service Provisioning: Simplifies provisioning, monitors services health granularly.
  • Mobility Services Platform Advancements: Streamlines connectivity with eSIM and offers on-demand network slicing for enhanced service assurance.

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